Isfahan Steel Profile Company

Isfahan steel profile, the first producer of metal structures, Jhon Sinoussi

About Us

: Among the important achievements of Isfahan Steel Profile Company, the following can be mentioned

Obtaining the Gold Quality Award from the BID Paris Institute in 2014

ISO9001:2008 certified by Tofreiland, Germany

Patent of a steel beam with Jhon Sinoussi in Iran and Switzerland

Industry and mining elite in 2007 and 2011

Shooting with John Sinousi

In order to increase the shear stability and remove transverse reinforcements, sheet beams with sinusoidal life are made of iron alloy steel

light shed

A light shed is a large structure with a sloping, arched or crescent roof, which is mostly used to build factories, sports halls, chicken farms, slaughterhouses, repair shops, and anywhere that requires a larger space than the scale of a building


Profile means fixed cross-section and long length, which is made in different shapes. Profiles are divided into two categories: construction profiles and industrial profiles

laser cut

Laser cutting is a prototyping and manufacturing tool that is mainly used by engineers, designers and artists to cut and engrave flat materials

Steel deck

Steel deck refers to corrugated steel sheets that are used in various parts such as the floor and roof of the building

Industrial pipes

Isfahan Steel Profile is a producer of all kinds of industrial steel pipes and an importer of Manisman seamless pipes with the highest quality and the best price

Our outstanding features

Product quality assurance

The steel profile company, by guaranteeing the authenticity and quality of its products, considers itself a customer partner. One of the advantages and features of this factory is the production of all products with first-class materials.

Professional experienced staff

The steel profile company, with a lot of experience and activity in this field, has a professional staff with specialized education in related fields, responding to the requests of dear customers.

Providing purchase advice

The steel profile company considers it its duty to provide purchase advice to dear customers before the sale. Therefore, our experienced professional staff is by your side as an advisor.


Ceiling crane bridge with John Sinousi

One of the components of the overhead crane is the bridge. In a simple definition, it can be said that the overhead crane bridge is the main component of the structure that transfers the load and pressure from the crane to the columns. It is interesting to know that this product can be produced individually or in pairs and used in different industries.

Light Shed

A light shed is a large structure with a sloping, arched, or crescent roof, which is mostly used for creating factories, sports halls, chicken farms, slaughterhouses, repair shops, and anywhere that requires a larger space than the scale of a building or requires an opening. It is bigger. There are different types of sheds, and our goal in this topic is to familiarize ourselves with this type of shed in different industries.

Laser Cut

Laser cutting is a technology in which laser rays are used to cut and engrave on fabric, paper, metals, wood, etc., and this technology is usually used in industry. Laser-cutting devices work by focusing the output of a powerful laser on the objects to be cut.

More than 40 years of experience

with maximum quality

(Jabari Profiling) is a producer of metal products in Iran. This company has more than 40 years of brilliant experience in producing more than 130 types of metal products, including types of boxes and profile pipes, beams with sinusoidal joints, light sheds, steel decks, and steel boxes, and providing services such as laser cutting. Jabari Profiling, relying on the knowledge and experience of its specialized human resources, takes an effective step towards the growth and prosperity of our beloved country in order to achieve goals such as the production and sale of metal products, as well as the export of all products. This group has been honored with cooperating with many public and private companies. Isfahan Steel Profile Company has succeeded in patenting the Jhon Sinoussi steel beam in Iran and Switzerland and obtaining the Swiss IUI 5002 diamond award. This award is specific to the registration of innovative products.